What is the Basic Landscaping Equipment

There are many people that like to do their own landscaping to enhance their properties. Then there are others who wish to offer landscaping services. Either way, there is some basic landscaping equipment that is needed for this type of work.



Although large areas need to be landscaped with heavy equipment for the groundwork, there is still a need for a variety of different types of shovels. Not only are these needed for some of the prep work, they are also essential for finishing work. There are different variations in the shovels, and they each serve a specific need.

  • Spade
  • Round Mouth
  • Trench
  • Square Mouth


A good sturdy wheelbarrow is a “must have” when it comes to landscaping equipment. It is predominantly used for the transporting of items from one area to another. It can also be used for the mixing of small batches of materials.


Those that are new to landscaping don’t realize how important the drill is. The best choice is the cordless type, but they should be quality made. It is important that they not only allow for precision work in small spaces, they should also hold their charge well.


While a great deal of the work that goes into landscaping, is the building of the area being worked on, there is also the prep work. This involves preparing the area for the landscaping project. It often means the removal of old structures and shrubbery. Chainsaws make easy work of this.


This is another piece of equipment that is going to be a big time saver. There are different types, so the landscaper may have to be a bit choosy as to which one they want to start out with.

In the landscaping business, these few pieces of equipment are really the must-haves.

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