Best Books for Landscaping

Anyone who is going to become involved in landscaping should start by building themselves a library of great landscaping books. These are resources that can be relied on many times over. Some of the best ones are loaded with great ideas and tons of information that can be used by landscapers of any level.

Taylor’s Master Guide to Landscaping

By Rita Buchanan: This is a book that can be used by the home gardener who wants to do their own landscaping; or by professional landscapers. It has a great section for choosing the right plants. There are plenty of trouble shooting ideas within the pages of this book to save one both time and money. The ideas here for creating amazing outdoor living space will be thoroughly enjoyed.

The Living Landscape

This is a book on Designing for Beauty and Biodiversity by Rick Darke. It is one that many of the readers will find refreshing and different. The approach is unique in that the projects and ideas shared here, focus on the landscaping that will help to preserve and attract natural wildlife. There are some good strategies that can be implemented in the landscaping projects that meet the needs of everyone, as well as the environment.

Edible Landscaping

For those landscapers who want to build their name by providing unique landscaping services or even for personal use, then this book on Edible Landscaping is a must have. It focuses on not only the beauty of the landscaping project, but building it with the emphasis on organic gardening and the production of edibles. It provides the groundwork for building a landscaping project that is able to serve many purposes.

These are but a few of the wonderful landscaping books that any landscaper can rely on to enhance their skills and spur their creativity when it comes to landscaping.

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