Best Landscaping Books For Using Rocks

There are many different components that are used in landscaping, and one of these is rocks and stones. This is a material from nature that is often used to create the final touches to a landscaping project. They create a wonderful environment, but there are techniques that are used in order to allow them to look and function at their best. There are several excellent books that are available for Landscaping with Rocks.

Stone Landscaping by Better Homes and Gardens

Better Homes and Gardens is very well known for producing some excellent books and magazines on a large variety of topics. This one on Stone Landscaping is a softcover book which covers a whole variety of landscaping projects based on the main element of stone. There are ideas for creating cobblestone paths and plenty of do it yourself ideas for landscaping projects big and small. Lots of illustrations and design tips are found in this book.

Sunset Landscaping by Jeanne Huber

Using rock and stone for pathways, steps, walls and waterfalls are just a few of the landscaping projects that you are going to learn all about in this book by Jeanne Huber. It gets the reader thinking about what they can do for their own landscaping projects. Each of the projects in this book is detailed with good instructions.

Rock Landscapes by Claude Hitching

For those landscapers that want to focus on using rock for rock gardens or grottes, for example, this particular book is a good choice. The designs in this book are exceptional, and are provided by landscape artists who know how to make the most of this type of material.

No matter which of these books are chosen, they are sure to provide plenty of wonderful landscaping ideas for both the novice and the experienced landscaper.

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