The Challenges of Desert Landscaping

Any landscaping project comes with its own set of challenges. And those who are focusing on landscaping for desert environments may have even greater ones.


One of the tasks that has to be overcome is dealing with the composition of the desert soil. The natural composition is sand that has a gritty and gravel texture to it. Many landscaping companies in Dubai have the expertise to deal with it. The focus has to be on the provision of all the nutrients that are needed for good growth of the properly chosen vegetation, and that requires experience.


The desert climate creates its own set of problems when it comes to landscaping. As a result of the fluctuation in temperature, it demands the careful selection of plants and foliage that can withstand this type of environment.


There is a big necessity for a proper irrigation system. Although this can be challenging, it is certainly is not impossible. A true testament of this is the many beautiful finished projects that exist in the desert environment.

One of the advantages of landscaping for this type of terrain is the ability to use many different mediums to support and enhance the foliage. There has to be careful thought given to the desert landscaping plants. Then choices of materials to create paving sections not only help to fill space, they creates a diversion, and a mix of textures that adds a uniqueness to the landscape design.

Pavers are widely used in many of the desert landscaping projects, and they can be comprised of different materials such as concrete and flagstone. Choices like these allow for diversity. Lighting will also take on an important role. The landscaped garden should be one that can be used day or night. Having a good lighting system allows for this.

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