Lawn Care Tools and Equipment

There are many different segments to landscaping. As such, there is a big demand for many different types of equipment. For those who own property and want to maintain their landscape, it often means having to maintain the lawn. Even for this segment of landscaping, there is a need for various types of equipment.

Lawn Mowers

On the market, there are several different makes and models of lawnmowers that vary in prices. There are two primary types. They are either the rotary type or the reel type.

  • Rotary: These are the kind that most property owners are used to. They can either be powered with the use of gasoline or by electricity. The blades on these mowers cut in a horizontal fashion. They are ideal for large areas of grass.
  • Reel Mowers: These are not used as much by the average landscaper that is tending to their own property. These are sometimes called push mowers, as they are operated manually with no other source of power. They are sometimes used by those who only have a small patch of lawn to tend to.


Usually there is some type of trimming of the grass that is needed that the mowers simply cannot get to. To do this job there are a variety of different trimmers on the market. There are string trimmers as well as edger’s.


The grass needs to be supplied with various types of nutrient. It is pain staking to do this by hand. It is a task that can be made easy with the use of a spreader. These can be used for seeding as well as for pesticides.


Rakes are one of the more inexpensive landscaping tools but ones that are necessitates. There are different versions of them, and having a couple of these on hand will ensure that all the raking needs are met.

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